Thursday, November 13, 2008

Through a child eyes

Writing a "Blog" is new to me so here it goes.
Watching my children grow has been an amazing gift the Lord has blesses me with, such an honor it is to be a mommy. A true responsibility, that I don't take lightly.
It is so amazing how the Lord revels himself to me through my two little ones. How they can look at someone and only really see good. My little Girl always wants to say, "Hi" to everyone even if they don't hear her, her little voice is saying,"Hi girl" or "Hi boy" never caring what they look like or the color of there skin. My son who looks at the world around him and notices everything from a falling leaf, from across the way, to the little ant that just passed his foot. How he can just stop and see the beauty in it.
I know that my children are a reflection of Chris and I, and I know we must be doing something right when my little girl( who is only 2) says, " I want to say hi to those people", and I say " What would you tell them Bella if you were to talk to them?" and she said, " Jesus Loves you!" Or my son who is only 3, when he goes to his Grammy and Papaw's with out us and has dinner, tells them, " We have to pray", he then hold hands and with out being asked pray's," Thank you Jesus for the food and for letting us come to Grammy's and Papaw's". He will look at the moon and night and say to me " Mommy God made the moon!" just sitting there appreciating it. Something most of us might not ever really look at.
Every day is a gift from him, he trust them in my care, and everyday I see Christ in my children. It is so wonderful to once again see the world through a child's eyes.